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SKF HA 313

SKF HA 313 Specification

Adapter sleeves for inch shafts
55,563658550/ 65x22.3/160,58HA 313K/ 13/B 13H/V 13 E

SKF HA 313 Function And Detail Information

SKF HA 313 bearings are widely applied in cement industry, including crusher, conveyor, vibrating screen, grinding machine, kiln, cooler and lift, as well as many auxiliary equipment, such as fans, compressors and pump and so on. SKF is the world's most comprehensive bearing manufacturer, our company specializing in the export of various specifications of SKF HA 313 bearings. As the best quality bearing suppler SKF HA 313 bearing, SKF Group primary business is the design, manufacture and s ales of the world's top brand of rolling bearing and other related products. SKF now represent no t only the perimeter of high quality, but also a symbol of a knowledge-based company. if you want to buy SKF HA 313 bearings in your project, we can satisfy your need anytime and anywhere.